Dec 23, 2010

Audacity leaves arlee

(I'm sure there's a sly joke in that title..ahem, i apologies to all for the lateness of this entry, due to health and work circumstances.)

Aud A Cit Y is definitely becoming one of the strong women that Gail had mentioned in the beginning of her journal. Looking at her face, one detects a certain note of haughty arrogance, but in her eyes are much doubt and pain as she relentlessly pursues her destiny.

The Eye of Perception has been taken and hidden from her, but as she travels, wisdom and experience are binding her more tightly to the path she is taking than any amulet or talisman ever could.


Gail V said...

Great face, arlee! She's a haughty dame for sure.

Yvonne said...

She is looking great! Love the journal page.

BT said...

What enormous fun you are all having with your travelling dolls and what a great idea. I make dolls too, although they are the more traditional rag dolls. I have yet to make the leap to art dolls. Oh, I have made Dotee Dolls which I love.