Dec 8, 2010

Raisa - MA's additions

My additions include a musical collar 
trimmed with beads,
and arms made from
coiled wire and wooden beads.

The music is from 'Rigoletto'
by Verdi.

Here's journal page # 1....
I repeated the first bars of the  
'Rigoletto' music, along
with some of the
and a lace flower,
along with repeating some
of the beads I used on
her collar.

Second journal page...

More of the music from 'Rigoletto',
some music charms,
and a marvelous quote
about music
from Maya Angelou.

Raisa was great fun to play with!!
Hope you like her Yvonne.


Yvonne said...

It is perfect! Rigoletto is one of my favorites and Maya Angelou is one of my favorite people as well. In fact I am reading one of her poems this Christmas at church. I love what you did to Raisa, her arms, the beads, the collar...all just wonderful. Thanks MA!

Gail V said...

I always love musical notes on fabric and in journals. I guess Raisa's kindof a music box, now, huh?