Feb 21, 2011


The last we heard of Frog (as he's known to his friends), Venus had cast a spell on him so that he'd forever remain in his frog form and belong to her alone. As it turns out, Frog has a mind of his own...

See Frog kinda likes kissing the pretty ladies. So he's opened a kissing booth at the local marketplace where, every Saturday, the ladies pay to try their luck at finding their Prince Charming. (Venus thinks he's off doing good deeds, which in a way he is, since he donates all proceeds from the kissing booth to charity.)

I made Frog a paper mache shirt and "hands" and a fabric tunic-thing like they wore in medieval times.

The most fun for me was putting a comb in his shirt pocket (to primp for the ladies) and a tin of tic-tacs in his tunic pocket (to sweeten his breath). Both are made from polymer clay.

And here's my entry in the scroll journal.

Feb 8, 2011

Audacity swims on from Robyn

Audacity given gemstone barnacles, arms and wearing a crocheted shawl with anemone crystal charms.

The story in her journal:

When Atlantis, the island paradise, fell and sank, the Queen struggled to save it. She called upon the magic of her antecedents, the Gods and Demi-Gods of Ancient Greece. She called out especially to the Lady of the Sea, whom she had dared to call her Sister.
Amphitrite, the Sea Nymph, wife of Poseidon lately called Neptune, was a jealous creature. More woman scorned than Goddess, she joined Hera in lamenting the weakness of their consorts, ever dallying with mortal women. Atlantis had become a haven for Gods clothed as men, walking through glittering streets and listening to the intoxicating music of humanity.
Amphitrite knew the Queen was saucy and beautiful. Her stories intrigued, her singing enthralled. It was only a matter of time before this upstart, like Amymone before her, would bring besotted Poseidon to her bed.
The Goddesses were never able to direct their resentment where it should properly lie, instead taking their various vengeances upon the unlucky mortal women. Powerful and raging, Amphitrite with Hera and Athena’s help, struck down Atlantis and it sank into the sea, hidden by powerful magic from all. They named the Queen, “Audacity” and punished her with amnesia and the form of a monstrous octopus.
She glides and slithers on the sea floor amongst the enchanted rocks. She no longer knows herself or her name – but she knows what she is – the queen of somewhere. She knows her confinement is somehow unjust – the caprice of some Gods – undeserved.
Her inner audacity is unchanged. She grows crystal gemstones in anemones from her chains – to buy her freedom one day and join the quest for her true self. Meanwhile she knows she must be bold.

Feb 5, 2011

Onoma's Travels continue

Onoma continues to travel through space looking for information to bring memory to the surface. Onoma's journal entries document the continuing mystery of the odor only Onoma can smell, introducing the ship's medical officer, Arkin, who advises Onoma to take up meditation. To that end Onoma takes up beading and jewelry. This occupation provides an additional benefit. It allows Onoma to disguise a piece of the wreckage from the ship's hold which contains writing which is oddly familiar as a piece of a necklace.

I chose not to add any more body parts to Onoma, but to start adding clothing. I added a garment, which might be a sleeveless Kimono or just a robe of sorts.

I also added another necklace, this with a piece of polymer clay stamped with unreadable writing, a metal finding with a dragon on one side, two glass beads and 3 bells.
The poem I added is from the poem, "All Roads", by Billy Corgan
"Gather me up some stars sprinkled from your eyes
Beckon forth little sighs
Should all roads disappear but one
Disappear while I am sleeping."

Feb 3, 2011

Raisa becomes an It Girl

With the style that Raisa was "accumulating" on her travels, she looked to me like a girl from the 20's, transformed from dutiful daughter to Flapper Kewpie girl! She may seem innocent enough but she's growing up with the changes in the century---a little bit wild, but still a good girl.

She feels a bit trapped and stifled, but loves her mother and just needs to cut loose once in awhile!

When she stays at home, she puts her pretty and demure collar back on and settles down.
Watch out for Saturday nights though!

Feb 1, 2011

Serenity's Journal - by MA

Now for her journal...

This is page 1 & 2

The inserts in the pocket on the left...

Page 3....

Centre folds...

Final page....

Serenity - work done by MA

told me she really
wanted to
be able to
stand upright.
So a search began for  a suitable seashell because obviously a seahorse centaur NEEDED a seashell for a  stand...right??  After several false starts she now has her stand.  She has a rod inside her and one mounted in the seashell which slide together to hold her in place and yet are removable for the other artists to continue to work on her.

She also informed me that
she was COLD
here in Canada
and she really thought she should
have a nice warm
crocheted shawl.

(having no arms makes it hard to wear a shawl, but she knows someone else will give her some)