Nov 10, 2011

Prince update

I should have posted this a while ago. It's a funny story.

So I put the Prince on the high shelf with my other most precious taller dolls, and Jayn said, "It looks like all the dolls are lining up to get a kiss."

And it sure does.

Jun 6, 2011

Anneelaw is home - part two

Here are her completed journal pages...

She began with these two..

Arlee added these...

These are by Robyn....

And by Amy...

Talitha added these...
and finally, these were by Gail...

Anneelaw is home!

Isn't she gorgeous?  Who knew that some
old lamp parts could turn into such a
society lady??

This is how she started out....
just pieces of an old table lamp...

The next post will show her journal pages...

Jun 4, 2011

My additions to Lady S

I directed most of my attention to a marathon writing session and creating the journal. However I did make some small additions. I created Egyptian looking water lily motifs using cut out corner punches, hand altered, and some gemstones to make her gown more special, added a scarab beetle charm to her wrist (genuine Egyptian given by Jayn's friend whose Mom is from Egypt - sorry no photo) and hand sewed a gallibaya that I think would fit the doll if she were not already dressed. Altered Gallibaya's are mentioned in the journal, as the clothes that Lady S is now wearing for comfort when not in her fancy costume.

Jun 2, 2011

Serenity's arms cried out for a baby to hold. The challenges was finding the best material to make the baby from. After a few experiments, I decided felting would be the best choice. I allows the baby to hold onto Serenity without being too heavy or ridged.

I had planned to write on this page after it was painted, but I found it calming so left it as is.

This is a song I used to sing to my third daughter when I was pregnant with her. I found myself humming it while felting the baby so it seemed appropriate to include in the journal.

The song is called "In This Heart" and is sung by Sinead O'Connor.

These pages were created with paint, a glue mixture, and tissue paper.

Serenity came to me with empty arms but was otherwise so complete and lovely that I couldn't add something just to add it. Then it occurred to me that I have never felt so serene as I did after nursing my baby to sleep. The look on the doll's face showed the peace of a mother whose body is flooded by oxytocin and whose heart was full of gentleness and love.

Once the baby was in her arms, I thought perhaps the deepest serenity was feeling safely cradled in mother's arms. All needs met, all love received, sleeping in perfect bliss.

Whether you imagine yourself cradling the babe, or being cradled, I hope these two will bring you some of the serenity they are enjoying.

The scalloped edge reads-


May 30, 2011

Raisa's Journal

I decided that the journal spread needed to look old, since Raisa is from the 20's (that's the 1920's). Almost as if it's a letter that got to close to a fire, and one over which many tears have been shed, causing discoloration of the paper. As I stated in my previous post, Raisa is mourning her Johnnie, sitting, staring out the window at the birds.
The first page has music and a bird and starts out "Dearest Johnnie"
"My heart is lost without you. I sit and weep. Music has no meaning for me anymore. I hear the birds outside my window and long for your smile. How long can this go on?".
The journal pages are collaged pieces of paper, vintage sheet music and calendar images with a broken heart partially hidden by the bird. They are colored with fluid acrylics and the writing is done with a China pencil.

May 28, 2011

Onoma going home - part two

Above is the first page of the journal... the quote is from Marcel Proust and reads "When nothing else subsists from the past, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered, the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence, the immense edifice of memory."

 Page Two

Page Three
Page Four

Onoma is ready to go home!

Arlee's doll Onoma was quite a challenge to know what to add.  Being the last person to work on a doll sometimes is a bit difficult because everyone else has done a great job already.  He/She had wide shoulders to begin with so I decided to emphasize that and added even more width, along with the 'dangles'...

Next I added some further decoration to the waist area...

And finally, Onoma saw these in my stash and absolutely HAD to have them insisting that they must have been lost the last time he/she visited earth.  Who was I to argue?

The next post will show the journal pages I added...

May 23, 2011

Lady Sebastian's mysterious journal

I found this picture of a cat lady from the right era of Lady Sebastian, and I swear she looks just like Talitha!

There is definitely some kind of conspiracy going on to prevent Lady Sebastian from tracking down her father and the Lost Temple of Sekhmet. I'm convinced that the month she lost, apparently spent in the temple, is amnesia from post hypnotic suggestion.

She continues to search and find artifacts and fabric swatches along the way. Meanwhile her journal definitely looks like it has been unearthed by someone years later.

I believe I know how Lady S's story involves fulfilling the prophecy at the temple.