Feb 8, 2011

Audacity swims on from Robyn

Audacity given gemstone barnacles, arms and wearing a crocheted shawl with anemone crystal charms.

The story in her journal:

When Atlantis, the island paradise, fell and sank, the Queen struggled to save it. She called upon the magic of her antecedents, the Gods and Demi-Gods of Ancient Greece. She called out especially to the Lady of the Sea, whom she had dared to call her Sister.
Amphitrite, the Sea Nymph, wife of Poseidon lately called Neptune, was a jealous creature. More woman scorned than Goddess, she joined Hera in lamenting the weakness of their consorts, ever dallying with mortal women. Atlantis had become a haven for Gods clothed as men, walking through glittering streets and listening to the intoxicating music of humanity.
Amphitrite knew the Queen was saucy and beautiful. Her stories intrigued, her singing enthralled. It was only a matter of time before this upstart, like Amymone before her, would bring besotted Poseidon to her bed.
The Goddesses were never able to direct their resentment where it should properly lie, instead taking their various vengeances upon the unlucky mortal women. Powerful and raging, Amphitrite with Hera and Athena’s help, struck down Atlantis and it sank into the sea, hidden by powerful magic from all. They named the Queen, “Audacity” and punished her with amnesia and the form of a monstrous octopus.
She glides and slithers on the sea floor amongst the enchanted rocks. She no longer knows herself or her name – but she knows what she is – the queen of somewhere. She knows her confinement is somehow unjust – the caprice of some Gods – undeserved.
Her inner audacity is unchanged. She grows crystal gemstones in anemones from her chains – to buy her freedom one day and join the quest for her true self. Meanwhile she knows she must be bold.


Yvonne said...

Very nice work and the story line is great!

Gail V said...

I love her, Robyn! Great story and journal work, too. And good pics!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fan -tas -tic!!!! I'm so happy that my octopus addition has been woven into the story. Great job Robyn!!!