Feb 1, 2011

Serenity - work done by MA

told me she really
wanted to
be able to
stand upright.
So a search began for  a suitable seashell because obviously a seahorse centaur NEEDED a seashell for a  stand...right??  After several false starts she now has her stand.  She has a rod inside her and one mounted in the seashell which slide together to hold her in place and yet are removable for the other artists to continue to work on her.

She also informed me that
she was COLD
here in Canada
and she really thought she should
have a nice warm
crocheted shawl.

(having no arms makes it hard to wear a shawl, but she knows someone else will give her some)


Gail V said...

Perfect, MA! The stand looks great, and I love her fishnet crocheted shawl - both perfect additions. That "seaweed" rocks, too. :)

Yvonne said...

Love what you did MA. The stand is just what she needed after Gails addition. The shawl is cool. Great job!