Feb 5, 2011

Onoma's Travels continue

Onoma continues to travel through space looking for information to bring memory to the surface. Onoma's journal entries document the continuing mystery of the odor only Onoma can smell, introducing the ship's medical officer, Arkin, who advises Onoma to take up meditation. To that end Onoma takes up beading and jewelry. This occupation provides an additional benefit. It allows Onoma to disguise a piece of the wreckage from the ship's hold which contains writing which is oddly familiar as a piece of a necklace.

I chose not to add any more body parts to Onoma, but to start adding clothing. I added a garment, which might be a sleeveless Kimono or just a robe of sorts.

I also added another necklace, this with a piece of polymer clay stamped with unreadable writing, a metal finding with a dragon on one side, two glass beads and 3 bells.
The poem I added is from the poem, "All Roads", by Billy Corgan
"Gather me up some stars sprinkled from your eyes
Beckon forth little sighs
Should all roads disappear but one
Disappear while I am sleeping."


Yvonne said...

Very nice work. Love the poem in the journal. I'm sure Onoma is waiting for me at the post office but my little post office is closed on Saturday, so I will check tomorrow. Can't wait to get started on my idea.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great! Onoma is another one I can't wait to see in person - to be truthful I guess I say that about them all, don't I!!!