Dec 18, 2010

Prince Charming Grows a Torso

It is said that when a frog loses a limn, it sometimes regrows it. Well this froggie has grown a torso!
The torso is made of hand-dyed pima cotton. The pattern was drafted to provide the impression of a cross between a very broad-chested, broad-backed, and hunky human male and that of a frog. To keep his torso from flopping about above his lower half, a ribbon cumberbund was stitched to his pants and his torso and stuffed tightly. He was also given suspenders and a floral belt buckle and suspender keeper.

The text in the journal entry reads: Meanwhile, the prince encountered a very mean witch who decided to ensure he would lack the lips to receive love's true kiss or is it true love's kiss? It's so very hard to think without a head!


yvonne said...

Wow, he is growing on me for sure! I look forward to seeing him in person.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

I'm very excited. The torso looks great.