Dec 23, 2010

Onoma's story continues...

Onoma's journal is lovely and full of texture.
I added two pieces of handmade paper and distressed them to
match the style of the existing pages.
Tiny silk and satin scales were fused to one page.
Wire was used to fix some small star charms to the pages as well
as a tiny bag of the same stardust Onoma wears around her neck.
Just when it seemed life on the ship had settled into a pattern, something strange caught my attention. The crew had been permitted leave on Ingnatious 4 and Captain Di Seca sent me along to monitor their interaction with the locals. Everything was routine at first, but I definitely felt different under Ignatious' red sun. As the rays struck the scales on my frill, a feeling of invigoration filled my body. This sensation grew with every moment of exposure. I began to find it difficult to focus on my security task, looking instead for excuses to linger in the sunlight.
After several days of planetside diversions, leave was over and the crew prepared to return to the Stone Traveler. I was not the only one reluctant to reenter the black cold of space, crewman Clovis kept us waiting at the launch site. As he finally boarded the shuttle, I noticed an unfamiliar smell. While reprimanding Clovis, two things became clear. One, my senses were clearly heightened after absorbing so many red sun rays, and two, the smell was coming from Clovis. An inspection of his person and away bag turned up nothing conclusive. When I next encountered Clovis on the main ship, the smell no longer lingered on him. I would not catch sent of it again until reporting to the captain's office. There was no mistaking the weird, acrid odor, but Captain Di Seca told me I was imagining things and to leave it alone. My curiosity was peaked. What was that smell? Why did no one else detect it? Was the captain intentionally concealing something from his own security officer? And why was I so altered after exposure to the red sun? Did my native planet orbit a red sun? Could this be a clue to help me find my way home?
Rays of red
Dance over my head
And Fill me with longing
For my place of belonging

(I included a poem from a favorite sci-fi author.)

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Robyn L. Coburn said...

OMG I'm so thrilled by this next chapter to the story - and the perfect little poem. This is turning into a wonderful mystery. I'm very excited to read the rest. Plus the doll is looking gorgeous.