Jan 8, 2011

The Prince

When Prince Charming arrived
he had just received a torso.
He really needed a head,
and I thought a frog prince
was much more interesting than
a handsome prince.
So, I created a polymer clay
face that was inspired by
Native Frog masks
This photo shows the back view.
He is pretty tall now,
about 16 1/2 inches.
I attached the head using a dowel rod
I inserted that
goes from inside his torso
to inside his new head.

The Frog Prince has acrylic eyes.
The 'frog pearls'
are part of his headdress.
It is made from an old earring.
The hat is made from my own marbled fabric,
with feather embellishments on one side.
His hair is long and is made from nubby yarn.
Right side
Left side with fleur-de-lis royalty tattoo.

Legend has it that Venus,
the Goddess of love and beauty loved the Prince.
But she was very jealous of all others.
She presented him with the frog pearls,
magical virtues to help others,
and frog wisdom,
Now he would remain
a frog prince forever.

Robyn made a great scroll type journal
and below is what I added to his journal.

What will life bring the new
Frog Prince?



Gail V said...

Love his frog face, Y. And those oh-so-kissable lips! Can't wait to see him & his journal in person.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

I especially love his eyes - he has a bit of sadness there perhaps. He really is coming along well. His story is very interesting. I'm happy I chose the scroll format for the journal.

Nancy said...

Love what you've created! The journal is just as awesome :)

Deborah said...

WOW! I love his froggy face. Some day I would like to try art dolls...it's the faces that frighten me off, as I am not an artist, just a simple crafter. One day I shall be brave!
**kisskiss** Deb

Man Price said...

I loved everything about this guy