Apr 12, 2011

The Spy

The Journal pages tell the story here. The words are very hard to read due to the white gel pen and the flash, so I'll tell the story of the pictures so you don't have to worry about reading the words.
Far beneath the waves, in the dark depths, the Queen roamed.
Amphritite, wondering from afar where the Queen was now, disguised one of her offspring in the form of a fish and sent her off into the deep to spy and learn what she could.
Amphritite's spy swam near and far, searching for signs of the Queen. She stayed near the bottom most days, but one evening, she ventured to the surface.
The Queens's minions where watching and saw this strange fish speaking with a two-legged woman.
They hid in the coral and when the fish returned they trapped her there to await the Queen.

What I did - I made the fish and beaded her fins and tail. I also added a starfish and broken shells and coral to the base of Talitha's large coral outcropping.


Talitha Sherman said...

She so needed a fish:-)

An Li Na said...

I was thinking some other sea life such as a fish or a star fish or something. Your coral made the perfect prop for it!

Gail V said...

Love the spy!