Apr 12, 2011

Anneelaw in south Texas

Anneelaw arrived and I was blown away by her uniqueness.
It was very challenging working on her.
She had already been to many great artists,
so it was difficult to come up with an idea
on what to add to this "lady of the lamp".

Here is a front view with all her additions so far.

This view shows the ribbons I added to her hair.
This photo shows her scissors charm and the round beaded charm
on her wrist.  She has another round beaded charm just like this
around her neck.
Added to her glass body is a fabric flower with a bead in the center.
The fabric flower has old lace added to it.

Two keys were added as embellishments.
One has the word LIFE on it,
and the other has faux diamonds on it.

Her journal pages were fun to create.
This first page has a photo of her with a ribbon.
It's hard to see the words on the ribbon, in the photo, but it says
"Some things a lady doesn't tell."
I think Mae West said that.

There is a song called Lady of the Lamp, sung by Donovan.
I added the lyrics on this page.
There are two more journal pages,
one of which lists the additions Anneelaw got while visiting me.

These are all of my additions....
1. button and ribbon on journal box to help open box
along with beaded fringe on front of box
2. round beaded embellishments to neck and wrist
3. scissors charm to wrist
4. two key charms
5. purple fringe arouond neck
6. fabric flower
7. nose stud
8. ribbons to crystal hair

It has been a joy to work on Anneelaw!


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Gail V said...

Anneelaw looks wonderful. I can't wait to get her!