Nov 6, 2010

Audacity - by MA

When Audacity arrived to visit with me, I knew immediately what she wanted.
She wanted to be riding on an octopus!

An octopus?
How odd!
Well, after a lot of finagling, she got her desire.
The octopus was initially created with felt, which was then stuffed, gessoed and painted with several coats of paint to come as close as I could to the lovely green colour that Audacity already had.  Each of her tentacles has nine pairs of sequins (held on with beads) for the suckers.  Her eyes came from my stash of teddy bear eyes.  I left Audacity's torso unattached so that subsequent artists could add a skirt or whatever they felt she needed.

Page one of her journal was a picture I found on the internet, which I highlighted and added German scrap around the outside.

'Atlantis, though lost, still lives"
Page two includes multiple layers of acrylic paint and yarn which was drawn through a white glue & water solution before attaching to the paper.  Each strand was then painted.  A plastic altered fish and some sand completed the page.

Page three was another picture I found on the internet, highlighted with more sand (which came from Prince Edward Island) and a sand dollar that was in my stash. 

Page four - included a picture of Audacity and her octopus.  The tag is movable and my information is on the back.  The paper was created using multiple layers of paint and then was stenciled to add the circles (which are meant to represent bubbles in the water). 


Gail V said...

Great work, MA! Love my haughty "Queen of Atlantis" Audacity!

Yvonne said...

Love the Atlantis thing going on. Great work MA!