Nov 30, 2010

Lady S. receives arm and more

Lady S arrived in south Tx.
with some amazing additions already.
I added the following...

feathers to her beautifully done wings (by Amy),
a right arm covered in vintage fabric,
a long horse hair braid,
feathers and beads to her hair
a poncho with a vintage button on the front
 (the poncho holds up her wings btw),
brown and copper paint on her body,

The braid is intertwined with a sheer purple ribbon.
This pic above shows the beautiful colors of her wings.

The Isis necklace that Amy gave her is now wrapped around
a recycled sari yarn collar.
I also aged the necklace with a bit of paint.

Lady S. is transforming,
as her journal explains.
She has arrived in Egypt
and the year is 1922.
Is it all a dream?
Where is her father?
Did the Horus mask she purchased
put some sort of spell on her?

Egypt is a land of great mystery.
As she catches a glimpse of herself
in a reflection,
she realizes then,
that this is NOT a dream.

What happens next?
Lady S. travels to Gail in North Carolina
to continue her story,
and for more additions.

in South Texas


Gail V said...

She looks wonderful, Y. Can't wait to see her in person.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh wow - Lady S is lookin' great and her story is so intriguing. I'm looking foward to meeting her too!