Sep 15, 2010


Meet Raisa.....

...or the beginnings of her anyway.

This little 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch
petit point box
jumped out at me at a junk shop up in Dallas,
(and for the right price too!)

I thought....
"Wouldn't it be wonderful to use this for a doll body!"

 (This project requires a 'journal start' and a "doll start".)

This photo above shows the box open.
The possibilities for the other 6 artists are enormous!

(This photo shows the origins of Raisa.....)

I had two little angel dolls given to me.
They were in bad shape.
So I ripped the stuffed
(stuffed with what? I have no clue) 
cloth head off of one,
took the ratty hair off,
gessoed it (just one coat) 
and now it is a blank canvas
for the project artists down the road.

Below is a side view....

Now, I just want to say....
just because I used an angel head,
and a petit point box
does not mean this doll will end up "cute".
I hope it doesn't.  (hint,hint)
But, it is out of my control,
because Raisa will be heading off
to Gail in North Carolina soon,
and then on for the rest of her journey
around the U.S. and Canada.

Raisa still needs a journal to take with her.
I am in the process of creating
an altered book journal.
Photos coming soon.

 I am really trying to do something different creatively,
trying something new,
in this 2010 project.
Thanks Gail,
for asking me to be a part of it.

I wanted to share this quote
which I relate to my creativity....

"You can't cling to the old nest
and soar to the flowering branches
 at the same time."
-----Tama Kieves

Savor the Day!
(in Texas)

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MosaicMagpie said...

I am sure Raisa will soar among those flowering branches.