Sep 25, 2010

Anneelaw and her journal start

Introducing Anneelaw!!

She is made from metal and glass taken from a recycled table lamp dating back to the 1970's.    The glass is clamped to the metal 'skirt' and is removable should the contributing artists wish to do so for any reason.

Above are pages one and four of the journal pages I made for her.  Tyvek and various and assorted fabric bits, fibers and whatever else came to hand. Stitched heavily with variegated thread and then ironed (under parchment) until the Tyvek melted. Notice the outline on the right of a ghostly image?

Below are pages two and three of the journal.

Bottom layer is a recycled Swiffer sheet, rust dyed. Above that is a piece of used dryer sheet dyed with blue paint. On the right is a piece that was leftover from pgs. 1 & 4, and on the left are three squares found in my 'component' box. The poem is printed on a piece of card stock which has been 'aged' with gesso and newsprint.

The poem reads as follows:

Out of the 70's
a lovely lamp grew
and waited for a home.
That home was nice
and the lamp
saw parties and teas
and quiet reading times too.
Year after year the lamp
kept the darkness away. 

it was needed no longer. 

Would it be thrown away?
Discarded and forlorn? 

Why, no!
A dollmaker renewed
the lamp,
named her Anneelaw
and sent her on an adventure
to visit faraway places
and find a new 

The pictures above and below show the journal box I chose to use instead of a book. I absconded with an old cigar box from the garage (shhhhhh - don't tell the men!) and covered it on the outside with paper from a recycled shopping bag. The top is crumpled brown paper that has been hand stitched, painted and highlighted with gold.

I left the inside of the lid as it was and lined the inside with some more recycled shopping bag pieces.  The box will hold the journal pages and will allow for them to be nice and thick.

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MosaicMagpie said...

The ghostly image in her journal is a traveling spirit, that will keep her safe until she returns home. I have so enjoyed looking at all these travelers.