Sep 28, 2010

Raisa's Art Journal

The journal I made for Raisa's journey
is an altered book.
For the front cover
I created a window cut out,
did some stenciling,
added fabric paper in and around the window,
added real flower petals, vintage jewelry,
metal letters, and a pressed leaf.
I made a book mark using black velvet ribbon,
and added a key for weight.
The key says 'memory'.
 When you open the altered book
you see black and white collage
with embellishments added.
If you look closely at the keyhole
you may see someone looking back at you!

The next page is collage
with black stitching around the edge.

The words say...

So many people
were shut up tight
 inside themselves
like boxes.

This photo is an example of what my collaged pages
looked like beforehand.
I have 7 sets of these in the rest of the journal
for the other artists to work on.
I glued many pages together
 to create thicker 'pages'
 throughout the altered book.
They can add pages to these if they wish
to have more than one set of pages.
I expect the journal will be quite full
and artistic when it returns to me in a year.
I know they will use their imaginations.

This shows the back of the journal.
Very simple, with some simple stenciling on it.

Now  my journal and my doll start Raisa
will be mailed tomorrow to Gail in North Carolina.
I am excited to see what Gaill will add to it all.
I am also excited to receive a doll start in the rotation.

here we go!


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MosaicMagpie said...

Great journal and how nice to have it when Raisa has finished her journey.