May 9, 2011

Audacity on her way home

Audacity---a boldness
This doll is certainly holding up to her name.
Audacity came to me with so much,
after being with so many artists,
that it was difficult to know what to do.
I began to think of Atlantis and her origins.
Queen Audacity is strong,
comes from a strong woman (Gail),
and needs more of the power of what comes from the ocean...
the starfish wisdom,
the pearl trident,
and the abalone power.

For added beauty she received some hair embellishments of
 sari ribbon and sari yarn
 to match her face and crown.
The starfish covers her heart and represents regeneration,
moon magic, beauty, and tidal movement.

Abalone shells are revered by ancient tribes as magical gifts from the sea. 
They stimulate fertility of ind and body, improving self-image and physical power.

She has a shell on her back for protection.

Does Atlantis exist?  Some think it does.
Mermaids and Mermen (the merfolk) were once warriors
and Queen Audacity still holds the power of the pearl trident.
Are we decendents of the people of Atlantis?
So many unknowns...
I also added a turquoise disc earring,
a sharktooth embellishment,
eyelashes to the octopus base, and
green eyelash yarn to her hair and
another pearl to a shell on her coral reef.

    Audacity returns home soon.

Enjoyed working on Audacity.
Enjoy her Gail!


Gail V said...

She's wonderful, Y. Can't wait to see her in person. And love all the journal work, too, especially the first with Audacity and the old Atlantis bldg and the one with the view looking up to QUEEN Audacity. Thanks for everything, Y.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Awesome looking doll and journal.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow! I love how she's turned out! Great work everybody - sure do wish I could see her again in person!