Mar 2, 2011

Onoma's gender revealed!

Onoma is a very interesting doll that Arlee created.
Onoma has such energy coming from her.
I figured Onoma was a female
 because it seems she is well endowed already
and if male her name would have been
Onomo with an o at the end. 
In many languages
the 'a' or the 'o' signify gender.
Weird I know, but that's my story.
Onoma needed some more color,
so she got eyelids made of turquoise teardrop stone beads.
I also gave her a metal mouth,
made from the end of a measuring tape.
I just bent it into shape to fit her face.
Onoma has been traveling all winter,
and we had some unusual freezes
here in south Texas, when she arrived.
To keep her warm, I made her a rabbit fur cape.
The cape is painted blue underneath,
along with spirals and other symbols.
Unbeknown to her,
 these symbols
signify where she came from.

The cape has a Tagua nut button for a closure.
The little apron in front has an
energy symbol painted on it.
I also added a blue/black feather to her dreadlock type hair.

The journal Arlee made is very cool.

I added her new face photo along with spirals
all around her, and
a quote from Aristotle....
"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."
The page on the right are some of her thoughts...
I will not worry about my unknown past or from where I came
I will shape the clay of my life into what I wish it to be
I walk alone with my shadow on the edge of the precipice
This I am today.

The next journal page on the left is her energy symbol.
The journal page on the right
was one I added to the journal
from some of my graffiti background pages.
I told of my contributions,
signed and dated it.

Onoma continues on her year long journey.
Gail in North Carolina is the next contributing artist.



Gail V said...

She looks great, Y. Love your journal pages.

Yvonne said...

Thanks G, she was fun to work on. Loved Arlee's journal creation.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Can't wait for Onoma to come and visit me! She looks so great already - it will be hard to think of what to add.